Lock the Gate

by Blind Tiger

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released March 17, 2017

Blind Tiger is:
Nick Lundy- Vocals
Stephen Washburn- Guitar
Daniel Mount- Guitar
Stacy Nye- Bass
Michael Sudduth- Drums

Recorded/Mixed by Gavin Young @A&M Theatre in Panama City, FL
Mastered by James McEachin @OnDaGo Studio
Artwork by Visceral Art & Design

All lyrics written by Nick L.
Partial lyric credit on track 3- Michael S. & Stephen W.
All songs written by Blind Tiger
Extra vocals on tracks 1, 2, and 5 by Stephen W.
Extra vocals on tracks 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10 by Daniel M.
Extra vocals on track 8 by Stacy N.
Partial writing credit- former bassist Albert Lanier Mills IV on tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, & 10
Partial writing credit- former guitarist Corey Anderson on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 10

Creek Mud Records 2017

Blind Tiger would like to thank:
A&M Theatre, Mosey's, Fork & Spoon, Gavin Young, Ian Keith, Javan Irving, Nick Resler, Corey & Albert, Gear Supply Co., Matty O'Brennan (Blasted Media), Anthony Grasso, FERO LUX, Matthew Jaffe (First Baptist Booking), Tyrell Watlee, Frederick Dortmann III, Livewire, The FLHC Community, Blight, Trevor Loftus (Loud Pack Enterprises), Plug Uglies, Umibozu, Rebel Scum, Barkers of the Wrong Tree, You Once Were, Eli Werth, Hunter Redding, Pepsi Products, Freakazoid, Stove., Lucky You Tattoo in St. Pete, Christian Costello, The Callous Daoboys, Cave Moth, Tenth Row, Our Moms, Dads, Sibblings, Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Ladybird, Cannabyss, Sticks & Stones Photography, Accident Prone, Frankie Horton, Zach Strickland, Andy Stankiewicz, Reece Curtis, No Convictions, Pound House, the other Blind Tiger from UK, YTP, Relapse, Lipschitz, Kamikakushi, NMBRS, Stuck In Place, Mark Fenwick, Abdul Gazazi, Callitrice, Leitz Music, Jamie McEachin, Frank Zappa, Lyle Donnelly, Emily Jones, All Nighter, Floral Tiles, Chris Brown, Divorce Ring, Dying Whale, Crabhammer, Pure Intent, The Fall Of Troy, Incubus, Veganism.



all rights reserved


Blind Tiger Panama City, Florida

We are Blind Tiger. Join the chaos.

Nick- Vocals
Mike- Drums
Dan- Guitar
Stace- Bass
Step- Guitar

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Track Name: Back to the Back
Run away right now! Run away! Move yourself if only you could run. Helplessly rot the day away with your friends, we can all leave knives in your back. I’ll change the world. I’ll train your mind; Kicking the handles off of the knives. You can’t see through these walls. These walls see through lies. The weight of their guilt won’t break my jaw. The blade remains to catch the blood. Silhouettes of carelessness will crack my eyes. Yet the shield of my tongue will never die. And we all watch these halls shake and do nothing to stop a single quake. You crave more.
Track Name: In the Future
Drug through the dirt, lungs full of slime, lured by the golden spoon, fed handfuls of grime. Mislead by bulging cheeks and straight eyes. These bones refuse to mimic their father’s. I’d much rather leave my bed warm and replace it with a velvet grave. Hold my hand for the last time. Watch me grow cold and float away. These bones dissolve through your fingers. Eyes slam shut and trap your heart. Praise the one who dares to bare the pain. I can’t stand to watch your brain unfold from the abandoned bullet. I can’t stand to watch your brain unfold from the bullet. I saw his chest move. Authors of love won’t break their pens.
Track Name: That One Gun
I see you sitting there with nothing in your head. All that’s left drips from your ears to the floor. Tears meet your sludge as your mother tries to patch the holes. These are only failed attempts to try to heal the pain which you’ve inflicted on everyone else. I’d say it’s time for you to surrender. You’re the sickness, not the cure. Shake their hands as they suffer. Shackles of oppression drain the blood of the innocent. Ignorance just leads to hate. Fuck this shit! Is this happening? Heritage? No. Heretic! If we can’t respect each other we damn an innocent. We can see agony because we understand all of the hate and misery. We cannot wait to see. The south will die again. The south will lie in shit.
Track Name: Mutt
I am privileged as hell. Ripping skin from face. Sucking the fumes from my car just to feel a goddamn thing. Collecting piss to keep me warm. Why’d they suffer? Not worth living if they’re not alive!
Track Name: Lock the Gate
Open your eyes and maybe then you’ll fucking realize without tears or smiles we watch the world shrink. Imposing idols. Corroding vitals. Imposing idols. Corroding as I crash into the sea, I dream of days I will never hear or see. Lock the gate before it’s too late. Your eyes ache at the sight of mine. Oh, wrinkled hands. I reach with wrinkled fingers. As I crash into the sea I dream of days I will never hear or see. I will never lock the gate.
Track Name: Remy
A breath of fresh air is not a literal translation from person to person. What is this to you? Is it a boot to my head? Small men with badges push us. Remove my hat, I’ll remove your skull. “Will they push us?” Fuck That. Your heart still beats in my stomach. Fuck your Heart, selfish fucks. Your heart still beats in my stomach.
Track Name: What Is This, and What Will Those Become?
You’ve got guts. Well versed in your selfish war. Unaware it’s against yourself. War waged with self; It’ll pay you back I’m sure. There’s an ill grant sent to your heart. I’ve been breathing in soot and smoke for months and years, weeks, days. (What is this?) I can’t let this second be the end for all of my friends. (And what will those become?) I’ve got a small box and I see your name written in stone. (What is this?) I can’t wait to see your name in stone. See it? See it there? Open your eyes people! You’re nothing I want in my eyes. I’ll bleed for them to cave your lungs. I’m fucking sick. Tears of torture. It was worth it to you. “I want to make another cry and wish they were dead!” Are you happy? There’s no bringing them back. They’re off! My brothers, my sisters, my equals. Love is love! Fuck up. You’ve been reduced to a pile of shit. I will not hear you again! You can’t talk when you’re dead!
Track Name: Lash Out
Nothing for you. Nothing here. Nothing for you in this home. You are not welcome here. When you leave you’re never waking up. Your home is burning in your hand. Feed your brain. “I feel fine!” You would rather sink a ship even though you can’t swim. Burn your home. You are not what you could be. Just sleeping forever. You burn all your loved ones. Sink your ship! Burn your home. Fall down, burn up, sink fast, sleeping forever. Burn up! Sink fast! Not your home!
Track Name: Sticks
Creation! That’s all you have in your name. You’ve planted him just to watch us ache. You’ve refused to experience the full embrace of what you’ve made. Ruined! I don’t know that I could let this happen for one more goddamn minute; Watching the smoke billow out of your fucking eyes. I acted as a crutch as he stumbled those streets and yet you just stood there with that look in your face: Laughing; Arms folded, smiling. Swimming through your patience. I don’t know the difference. When sticks are hands, you’ve only lost us. I asked him what he had done for years. He replied with words and tears, “My father bought a boat so that we could share experiences. And I waited patiently and stared up at the trees and wondered what it would be like if he were here for me.” I pointed him in the direction of his house with sticks that I had ripped from the trees. I sent him on his way down the same streets. He made lines in the dirt as he climbed the steps. He raised his head to check for anyone else. I said, “There’s no one there, there’s no one there, there’s no one fucking there!”. I’ll stomp my shoes at the foot of your bed, waiting patiently with sticks for hands.